Relate and Rally: App for Equity

I spent a lot of time this past Saturday with my eyes glued to the television as students “March[ed] for [their] Lives” in various cities across the country. I watched with awe as young person after young person took the stage, paraded in the street, and chanted in an attempt to change gun laws. It was inspiring and captivating. Taken aback by their strength and determination to get lawmakers to listen to them, I yearned to listen to more and read more about the topic. was just the place to go for this certain topic. There were many speeches made at the various marches that were publicized nationally. However, other students also made a strong impact with speeches that we didn’t get the chance to hear.

It must have been hard for the youth who organized the rallies to get everything together in such a short time period. However, clearly there were many young people who were passionate enough to make it happen and aide in the formulation of the rallies. It would probably have been helpful to have an app that joined all of these young people together, where there could be different sections of the app for various causes (important to young people) and a way for them to get more involved. I am proposing to create an app called “Relate and Rally.”

WeBot is an app that already exists that helps people find protests. However, “Relate and Rally” would not necessarily just find protests, but also connect people so they can join together, create bonds, and come up with ideas other than protests to solve problems important to youth. This would be an excellent way to get students together to express their passion in an equitable way.

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