Letter to the Financial Decision Makers

Dear Financial Decision Makers,

I know that you have a lot on your plates, but hear my plea. As a teacher in your school district, I spend time in the classroom every day with the wonderful, curious, inventive, friendly children of our school. We have awesome staff members who teach us how to integrate technology into our classrooms. You support my graduate school education by reimbursing me for part of my tuition. I spend time in these graduate school classes learning more ways to engage and facilitate connected learning opportunities in my classroom. However, despite all of the strategies I’ve learned that involve integrating technology into my classroom, I am at a loss because I don’t have the resources to implement these strategies. Therefore, I am asking you, the financial decision makers of my school district, to consider making the decision to allocate more financial funds to increase the access to technology at the elementary level.

Students in middle and high school in our district have the luxury of 1:1 laptops. It would be really great if we could have 2:1 laptops in elementary school, so that students have more access to technology. With increased access to laptops, I could spend more time teaching my students coding, an essential 21st century skill. I could teach them more about the functions of Microsoft Office, and they could spend time learning to type at a faster rate. They could learn to design websites, access different parts of the internet, and conduct research by themselves. These are skills that we should be teaching our elementary school students as we prepare them for life in the world we live in. Students who do not have access to computers at home would be able to get experience on computers in school, so as to level the playing field and decrease the equity gap. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to do this because we have such limited access to computers.

We are lucky enough to work in a very fortunate school district. Please consider the impact that more technology would have on our students. It would greatly improve the quality of education that our district is providing.


A Frustrated Teacher

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