Seek 6 Saturday

  1. As an elementary teacher, I have a fear of using social media in my classroom because of the vast amount of inappropriate content that exists. However, this list provides a bunch of different ways to use twitter in the classroom in a safe way.
  2. Geoff Richman and I share a belief that one of the most important things in a classroom is making connections – not necessarily online connections, but actual relationship building. Read what Geoff has to say about making connections in an educational setting .
  3. I loved the concept of Pose/Wobble/Flow, so I decided to read a little more about it. This is another chapter from the same book our Pose/Wobble/Flow assigned chapter was from. This, however, focuses more on preservice teachers and their interaction with the “wobble.”
  4. In researching the concept of “wobble” I discovered a piece of play equipment called a Wobbel Board (different spelling). While watching this video of kids playing on Wobbel Boards at the beach, I found it to be very symbolic of “wobbling” as a teacher. Read more about this reflection in my blog post about yoga 🙂
  5. Mary mentioned in her blog post this week that she feels like she has a better flow now that it’s her second year in the same position. I’m in the same boat as her, in that I’ve been in the same position for two years now, and I definitely agree that my flow has gotten easier this year as I’ve gotten more into a routine.
  6. The last “find” is going to relate to where I seek assistance in times of struggle, and that is mainly my colleagues. I work in an environment that is full of incredibly supportive, experienced teachers. I am constantly asking questions and seeking advice from them to better my practice.

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