Seek 7 Sunday

  1. After thinking about Candy Crush Saga a lot this week, I decided to see what types of benefits it has on the brain. I found this article, which discusses the benefits of Candy Crush (and probably could apply to a bunch of other phone games as well).
  2. Thinking more about the benefits of play, I found this graphic which depicts all of the different benefits of play. Image result
  3. In this article, the author speaks about how play is actually preparing children for the challenges of adulthood.
  4. A great new math game that my students have just started to play is called Prodigy Math. It combines math and video gaming AND has connected learning opportunities! (Triple Whammy!) It gamifies math practice by allowing students to play math-focused video games against other students in their class, which brings in that connected learning aspect.
  5. Katie’s blog has a post about a game she played with her 2nd grade class. She combined a maker component (another connected learning example) and play to create a great learning opportunity for her students. Check it out!
  6. Minecraft seems to be a vessel for combining play and connected learning AND equity. This article discusses the challenges and benefits of Minecraft in many different facets.
  7. And… one last meme that gives the phrase “playing games” a different meaning…Image result for keep playing meme

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